"we are the music makers
and we are the dreamers of dreams "



I believe our purpose in life is to discover our gift and share it with the world. There are 2 sayings that defined how I grew up: do what you love and you will never work a day in your life, the second being; you have two hands: one to help yourself and another to help others which has shaped this belief.

We are the creatives. We are the music makers and dreamers of dreams - a source of inspiration, fun, escapism, identity, creativity, a reflection of the times. During a zeitgeist where the world feels so heavy let us; as part of the fashion community; bring fourth some joy, lightness and frivolity when we need it most. May I introduce: SS22 PLAY; fusing together my two worlds of fashion and as a TCM practitioner with some colour therapy and some 90's inspired female empowerment from the original girl boss gang TLC; to bring about lightness and joy with the intention of inspiring PLAY.

Colour therapy uses colours and their frequencies to heal emotional and influence your emotional state of being.

It’s also known as chromotherapy or colour healing. The different wavelengths of colour create electrical impulses in our brains that causes chemical and hormonal processes that can either calm or stimulate us.

For example; when you go to a park and the first signs of colourful flowers blooming attracts the eyes and stimulates yours senses by secreting hormones to bring joy. That is why we tend to experience a sense of happiness in nature. Another example of colour thereapy is when we go to a funeral we wear black out of respect. The energetic colour of black is solemn as it depresses the senses and drains the energy. This is why we naturally don’t dress our children in black.


For this collection I purposely choose the colours for its vibrational qualities:

During my studies of Traditional Chinse Medicine I was excited to learn how to integrate living within the seasons and the natural world around us with the understanding that we are all interconnected. Particularly when learning about the Circadian Rhythm and our natural 24-hour body clock and how to honour your body to get its maximum performance.

The female body also functions with an Infradian Rhythm.

The female body has 4 phases that transitions through a 28-day cycle (generally speaking). Understanding these phases unravelled for me insight into my moods, my energy levels, cravings and how seemingly inconsistent it was until I took the time to track my menstrual flow and marry it together with my understanding of these phases. What appeared to be inconsistent started to make complete sense. This started my menstrual mapping which was nothing short of magic how it transformed my life. I started to schedule my life around my flow which meant organising my life to align with my energy levels instead of pushing against my body on how it was functioning at the time and forcing it to do things it simply could not and often in the end feeling more depleted and defeated that my mind and body would not function as I wanted it too. Flowing with my cycle empowered me, I was respecting my body and its ability allowing me to predict with certainty what I can achieve with a feeling of great accomplishment.

As a woman, I feel we are all encompassing, not just of one title but many when the time calls for it. We present with different archetypes according to our menstrual cycle. Sometimes we feel a little crazy, sometimes we feel a little sexy, but most of the time, you can be sure we really are just... cool.