Sleeping with Jacques ensures a good nights sleep that is also good for the soul.

Our philosophy of supporting women with the best nights sleep guides our decision to use only the best quality fabrication. Our desire to work with natural fibres such as silk is due to the fact that it is a renewable resource, bio-degradable with less impact on the environment than many other fabrications.

Our production utilises two dedicated silk farms where the silkworms feed on organic mulberry leaves. Recycled water is used to boil the cocoons, then the silk strand is carefully unwound onto reels. Our silks are Oeko-Tex approved.

Sleeping with Jacques offers a lifestyle, a community, a staple collection that streamlines the wardrobe for the busy woman. We support slow fashion with classic designs made to last.

The intention behind Sleeping with Jacques aims to celebrate women in their time or rest whilst acknowledging women in need. With every purchase, a percentage of profits go towards charities working with supporting women in need, so that they may have the opportunity to follow their dreams. Our Jacques monogramming signifies that you are part of our giveback community.

Sleeping with Jacques donates to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre as well as UN Women collaborating closely with their ambassadors.

Sleeping with Jacques is for the dream chasers and the dream makers.

Join us and let’s dream big together.

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